Sunday School

A loving nursery is provided at the being of every service here at Ko'olau Baptist Church.  For children in K to 5th grade, it will be amazing to see how much your child will learn in these classes specifically tailored for their age group.  Games, excitement, learning, crafts and songs are just a few words that describe the children Sunday school classes at Ko'olau Baptist Church.

Keiki Church

While you are in the Monning Church Service your children in grades 1st - 5th grade will be having a great time in Keiki Church.  The purpose of Keiki Church is for the children to Know Christ, to Grow in Christ, and to Show Christ.  While learning more about God's Word, your children will also be singing songs, playing games, doing crafts, and many more.  Keiki Church is a great and approriate service for all the children that attend a service at Ko'olau Baptist Church.

K-Bay Kids

Every Wednesday Night, during the service, there is K-Bay Kids.  The main theme for this program is taken from John 15:5 talking about Jesus being the vine and Christian blievers as being the branches.  Each child will earn a "branch" and will work hard at bringing their Bible, saying memory verses, bringing a friend, and much more so they earn a fruit on their branch.  This fun and exciting program is for all elementary school aged children.  While in K-Bay Kids, the children will play games, sing songs, memorize Bible verses, and hear great lessons from the Bible.

Weekly Services: SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 AM | SUNDAY 10:30 AM | SUNDAY 6:00 PM | WEDNESDAY 6:30 PM


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